About us

Equipo do GFF Equipo do GFF

We are the Galician Film Forum, an exhibition platform for Galician cinema. We have been working on this London-based project since 2015.

If you’d like to know a bit more about our philosophy, keep reading. If you’re interested in contacting someone specific on our team or you’d just like to take a look at who we are, please go to the ‘Team’ section.

Explain the Galician Film Forum in under 140 characters?

OK! But that’ll be tricky because we all love to talk…

The Galician Film Forum is a group that organises screenings of Galician cinema in London.

There we go! Phew!

What we wrote above is pretty much all you need to know – we screen Galician films in London and we love it. But, if you’re going to give us more than 140 characters, then…

We founded the Galician Film Forum to fill what we saw as a gap here in the UK – you couldn’t watch Galician cinema without using pirate copies or finding obscure sites online with links to specific films.

Once we started with the project, we became more and more ambitious and now we want to make the GFF a place where Galician creators living in the diaspora can meet. If you’re a musician, a writer, a painter or in any way, shape or form a culture-maker, our events are a great place to connect with other like-minded individuals.

At the same time as wanting to reach international audiences here in London, we also recognise that we are part of the Galician community. We promote our culture and our language, and we want to build stronger relationships between Galician emigrants here in the UK capital. We strongly believe that we are a bridge between Galician and British culture and that’s how we want to stay.

Above all, the Galician Film Forum is a place where everyone can have fun. If those of us who sit on the committee are spending our free time organising these screenings, then the most important thing is that everyone involved, audience and committee, have a great time!

Do you have a manifesto or something like that?

We’re really pleased you ask that question! Yes! We have a great manifesto where we explain our principles, our aims for the future and our values.

You can download it here.