Laura Rodríguez Ares |

Laura, from Coruña, is a journalist who makes her life about making others happy. She started her career in finance at the Axencia EFE. Then she moved to Santiago where she worked on the radio and in a press office.

She created the fanzine Humanoide as a space for new cultural currents in the city she was born in. Although the experience didn’t last long, she is still connected to the world of culture, writing music reviews for the national music magazine Mondo Sonoro.

In 2012 she decided to move to the British capital where she reinvented herself as a Spanish teacher and teaching assistant in a primary school. Laura started to go along to events she found out about on the Galego en Londres Faceboook page and that’s when she started to think about creating a forum where Galician culture, language and identity could be exhibited.