Marga Fernández Couce |

Hi, I’m Marga. I was born in A Coruña and I’m a Londoner and Catalan person by adoption. My degree is in sociology and I’ve learnt to fend for myself in all kinds of places. That said, when I got to London, I really felt the shock of switching from thinking ‘what can I do to find work?’ to ‘what do you want to be?’. Not an easy question by any stretch of the imagination.

I started off as a volunteer with the Galician Film Forum and now I’m a proud member of this marvellous team. I love learning new things and having fun – and in the GFF we never let ourselves get bored, we’re always planning our next project.

When the pandemic hit, I decided to use this time to do what I love, learning new skills – I’m specialising in digital writing, launching products and I’m also doing a masters in SEO and another in Digital Project Management.